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The vaping landscape is changing by the year, we see the popularity of vaping and the best vape brands changing by the month, even for seasoned vapers it can be hard to keep track. Below are the best and most popular vape kit hardware brands we’ve seen this year 2021, from an experienced vape user and seller.

It’s important for beginners to choose a top vape brand so it is around long enough to allow you to purchase spare parts and coils.

Below are our top vaping hardware brands 2021, as stocked by Neon Vapes.


Best vape brand 2021 #1 - SMOK
Smok Nord 50w

SMOK is one of the biggest and most recognisable vaping brands on the market. Founded in 2010 it’s a powerhouse in the vaping industry. One of our best selling vape kits is Smok Nord 50w, offering 12 different colours, with a large 1800 mah battery and quick charging facility. It offers performance, comfort and convenience in the palm of your hand.


Established in 2014, Voopoo were quick to establish themselves in the vaping market in 2017. Voopoo are great performing devices available in a range of colours, regarded for their top performing Gene Chip. We offer a range of Voopoo products including coils and kits, with free UK shipping on orders over £20.


Best vape brands 2021 - Geekvape
Geekvape zeus kit

You cannot go wrong with GEEKVAPE, especially the Aegis series, which is renowned for it’s excellent performance, as well as being waterproof, dustproof & shockproof – making it robust and reliable. Geekvape caters for all. Check out our range of Geekvape vape kits, all with free shipping and same day dispatch before 2pm.


Vaporesso are renowned for their OMNO board, which appears in the majority of their products and for their commitment to only the highest manufacturing standards and research. All their products are high quality and reliable vaping devices, which places them firmly on our best vape brands list.


With their sleek designs and highly reliable kits UWELL have carved a name for themselves across the globe since 2016. With great price and performance it’s no surprise these are one of our best selling brands with many satisfied customers.

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