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Lemon Cactus
Lemon and cactus e-liquid flavour concentrate
Mexican cactus, Argentinian lemon, this time it’s South America that’s honoured in this SuperVape creation. It is a concentrate that surprises all palates that are sensitive to acidity and seduces them by its freshness notes in the end. This Lemon Cactus flavour, already perfect to be tasted alone in your e-liquid, also matches well with red fruits flavours.


Base 100 VG
Neutral taste USP grade e-liquid base to make your e-liquid yourself
A neutral, unsweetened DIY 100 VG e-liquid base in a  120 ml bottle of for your best cheap DIY e-liquid recipes. To make your e-liquid, this base respects perfectly the flavours in your mix for a vape that matches your taste.
A 100% VG base will allow you to create an e-liquid with a very thick texture. It is recommended for powerful electronic cigarette equipped with sub-ohm coils. For optimal rendering, you will need to add more flavours to your creation…

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