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Before deciding on your first vape kit, you may wish to read our beginners guide to vaping. If you are ready to purchase your first kit then read on.
As covered briefly in our beginner’s guide, there are two different methods of vaping, mouth to lung and direct to lung. If this is going to be your first kit and are looking to make the switch from regular smoking to vaping, then we would recommend you start with a mouth to lung device.
Mouth to lung is effectively the same method used by smokers to inhale smoke. The user will take the vapour into the mouth first. As with smoking, the vapour in the mouth should then be inhaled into the lungs which allows air to be drawn in at the same time, then exhale. This method tends to be preferred by those transitioning from smoking to vaping as it feels more “natural”. Direct to lung can be quite intense and as a new vapour, may make you cough.
Using a direct to lung device and vaping method with help your brain to accept the change as this will feel the most natural for a regular smoker. You could even top this up by using a tobacco flavoured vape before switching to one of the many other flavours.
If you are still drawn to the direct to lung method or don’t want to have to shell out for another kit when you switch from mouth to lung to direct to lung, most of our recommended starter kits will be compatible with lower resistance coils enabling your device to be transformed from an MTL to a DL device without buying a whole new kit.

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