Ice & Menthol Flavour E-liquid

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Ice flavour e-liquid and menthol flavour e-liquid are currently very popular, especially with those who have switched to vaping from smoking and used to smoke menthol cigarettes. Although very similar, there are subtle differences between Ice and Menthol.

Ice tends to have a small amount of mint flavour but all the cooling effects, hence the name “Ice”. Methol will retain the mint flavour, including peppermint, spearmint or regular mint but still have the refreshing cooling effect. So if you want a refreshing hit while you are vaping, go for an ice flavour e-liquid. If you are looking for that minty taste, go with a menthol e-liquid.

Many of the top brands have a range of ice and methol flavours including Chief of Vapes, Dinner Lady and Vampire Vape.