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Vaping kits and e-cigarettes Come in a variety of styles shapes and sizes but all consist of the same basic components. A vaping device will generally consist of the following components. A mouthpiece (or drip tip), a tank (or clearomizer), a coil (or atomizer) and a battery.

Drip tip: The part of the device that you inhale the vapour from. These can be replaced and come in a variety of sizes.

Tank: This is where your e-liquid will be placed. Regular or advanced user may replace the tank on their kits to customise the experience or increase the amount of liquid that can be held.

Coil: The heating element user to turn the liquid into vapour. A “replaceable” element that will burn out over time and made from a metal coil surrounded by a wick which is usually made of cotton.

Battery/regulator mod: Provides power to the coil. Batteries come in a variety of sizes (capacity) and power outputs. Battery capacity is denoted as milliamp hour (mAh) and the higher the value, the longer the battery lasts. Powe output is show as Watts (W) or Volts (V).

The heart of a vaping device is the atomizer, a metal coil surrounded by a soft wick that absorbs the liquid and regulates how much is allowed near the coil. On activation, the coil heats up the e-liquid and at around 100 to 250c the liquid reaches vaporization point and turns into vapour.

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