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Blood Orange, Pineapple & Coconut
Blood Orange, Pineapple & Coconut E-Liquid – Big doses of zesty oranges collide into only the most iconic fruits from across continents for a fierce fusion of E-Liquid. This combination creates an impeccable harmony of tangy citrus peel and crisp ripe pineapple, with a dash of coconut creaminess thrown in to top it all off.


Honeydew Melon Cucumber & Mint
Chief Of Vapes Honeydew Melon Cucumber & Mint E-Liquid provides invigorating cool intricate notes, of subtly mixed flavours for balance you can vape all day. Chief of Vapes is a multi award winning E-Liquid brand, all of our flavours are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards beyond internationally recognised certifications ensuring quality cannot be beaten.

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Shortfill e-liquid are nicotine free vape e-liquids that come in larger bottles than the standard 10ml bottles, typically 50ml and 100ml. As nicotine regulations only allow the sale of “e-liquids that contain nicotine” in no larger than 10ml bottles, shortfills offer a more economical way to buy your liquids. As they are nicotine free, you will need to add your own “nic shot” to achieve your desired nicotine strength. Some vapers, who have used vaping as a method of quitting smoking and reducing their nicotine intake, continue to vape without adding nicotine to their shortfill.

Shortfill e-liquids will be supplied in a bottle that is only around 80% full. For example, 50ml of e-liquid will be supplied in a 60ml bottle. The extra space will allow you to add a 10ml “nic shot”. Adding one 10ml 18mg nic shot (or 1.8% nicotine) to 50ml of e-liquid will result in a 3mg e-liquid or 0.3% nicotine vape liquid.

Neon vapes stocks a large number of short fill bottles from top brands in a wide variety of flavours. You can filter these by brand, flavour or bottle size. Don’t forget to check out our range of nic shots to fill that gap!