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Although most vape kits have the same basic components, there are different types of vape kit that your electronic cigarette will fall into.

Cigalike or e-cigarette
A cigalike often looks similar to a traditional cigarette and the term ”e-cigarette” is most commonly used for this type of vaping equipment. They will come in either a one piece disposable design which will have no upkeep as you simply thrown away once empty, or a two piece or prefilled design where you replace the cartridge once empty. Cartridges are available in different flavours and nicotine strengths.
They are smaller in design and a little more discreet than the more complex kits now available which come is all sorts of shapes and sizes. A cigalike may be the ideal first choice if you wish to try out vaping for the first time. They are also often kept as backups or used when the user does not with to carry around a bulkier vape kit.

Vape Pen
Vape pens are the natural progression from cigalikes, slightly larger but also providing better performance. Generally, these are still quite compact these will fit comfortable in the hand. As well as being refillable, vape pens will have a longer battery life than a “cigalike” (although the capacity will still be restricted due to the small size of the device) and will have replaceable coils or cartridges.
Vape pens will have a larger coil than a cigalike with lower ”ohms” which enables them top produce more flavour and a larger hit. E-liquids with a higher VG rating can be used in vape pens.

Pod Vape Kit
Considered to be more practical, a pod vape is a two piece device consisting of the battery and a replaceable or refillable pod. Affordable and easy to use, pods are perfect for nicotine salt e-liquid which produce a smoother nicotine hit with higher nicotine content which may normally come across as harsh.

Box mod kit
Larger than pens or pods, Box mod kits are not as practical or as easy to use but do offer better battery life and general improved performance. Box mod kits will also have customisable controls to allow the user to alter various settings such as temperature control and variable wattage. Box mods are available with mouth to lung clearomizers or direct to lung sub ohm tanks.

High Wattage box Mod kits
Basically, a high wattage kit is a box mod kit with extra power available through a multiple battery set up. Commonly having two or three batteries however, there are now kits available with four batteries to provide the maximum amount of power. More batteries will mean more power but this is offset by the bulkier size of the unit.
High wattage kits tend to be used by intermediate or advanced vapours. Although more bulky, they provide the best performance and customisable options. Those who prefer to use an RDA over a tank tend to prefer a high wattage model.

Squonk Kit
This is an advanced set up of a box mod kit and provides a more practical method of feeding and atomiser with e-liquid. Advanced users prefer to use an RDA over a tank as its felt tanks can be restrictive to the delivery of e-liquid to the coil. RDAs require the user to manually feed the coil with e-liquid but a squonk kits is fitted with a squeezable squonk bottle that will feed the coil via a bottom fed RDA. Squonk kits are around the same size as duel battery kits but replaces one of the batteries with the squonk bottle. RDAs are highly customisable and are favoured amongst those who wish to fine tune there vaping experience

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