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Want to know which vape kit should I use? As with anything in life, your choice will come down to personal preference, budget and what you want to achieve from vaping. If you have never tried vaping, it may be wise to start with a disposable “cigalike kit”. These are small and convenient and you won’t need to worry about coils, batteries and liquids but the performance, flavour and nicotine hit may not be as desirable as what can be achieved from a pen, pod or box kit. Still, for a few quid why not try one from our disposable vape kits first before investing in one of our starter kits?
Pens and Pods are cheaper to run and more cost effective over time. If you have previously tried vaping and have committed to the switch, then it would be recommended to purchase a pen or pod vape starter kit before considering a bigger box mod kit.
Box mod kits, specially RDAs are for the more experienced vapers. Those who have been vaping for a while and are looking to fine tune and customise their experience. In general, you will need a good basic understanding of the types of vaping (DTL and MTL for example) and different types of liquid before choosing one of these kits.

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